Terms & Conditions
  1. Campaign Period: Nov. 23, 2020 – Feb. 23, 2021
  2. How to Participate:
    1. Qualification: All USG Global clients who hold MT4/MT5 account can attend during the campaign period.
    2. Prize collection rule:
      2-1.) The campaign result is calculated by each account.
      2-2.) Prize collection is determined by the new deposit total amount within 3 days; cross-level prize collection is prohibited.
      2-3.) There are four prize levels, on which the client can receive 1 to 3 gifts in the designated level, depending on the deposit and lot amount.
      Level Deposit (USD) Lot(Standard Lot) Gifts The number of gifts you can get in this level
      Gold 5,001-10,000 200 Apple Air Pods Pro 1
      10,001-15,000 400 Apple Air Pods Pro 2
      Platinum 15,001-22,500 500 Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 44' 1
      22,501-30,000 800 Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 44' 2
      Diamond 30,001-40,000 650 Apple iPad Pro 2020 128G WLAN 1
      40,001-50,000 800 Apple iPad Pro 2020 128G WLAN 2
      50,001-60,000 950 Apple iPad Pro 2020 128G WLAN 3
      Red Diamond 60001-80,000 1000 Apple iPhone 12 pro 256G 1
      80,001-100,000 1500 Apple iPhone 12 pro 256G 2
      100,001-120,001 2000 Apple iPhone 12 pro 256G 3
  3. Examples:
    1. Mr. A made a deposit of $10,000 on Dec 1, traded 250 lots, and withdrew on Feb 25. It is valid for him to apply for an Apple Air Pods Pro.
    2. Mr. B made a deposit of $60,000 on Feb. 16, traded 990 lots. He is qualified to apply for 3 Apple iPad Pro 128G WLAN. However, he has to maintain the deposit amount of $50,001 until Apr. 16 to apply for the prizes. (See Terms and Conditions 2)
    3. Mr. C made a deposit of $100,000 during the campaign period and accomplished 2,100 lots of trades, which is qualified for red diamond level. He then applied for 3 iPhones. While Mr. C had made a second deposit of $35,000 and accomplished 650 lots of trades, he can apply for an iPad from diamond level within the specified period. (See Terms and Conditions 3) If he wants to participate the campaign afterwards, he can only apply for prizes from gold & platinum level.
  4. Terms & Conditions:
    1. Deposit and lot amount within the campaign period will be counted.
    2. Within campaign period or 3 months after making deposits, the deposit amount in the account should remain on the same level for at least 60 days (can be non-consecutive dates).
    3. The scores within the same campaign period cannot be calculated across different prize levels. Clients can only choose one group to calculate scores in each application.
    4. Only new deposits will be counted, not including mutual transfer and commission transfer.
    5. Hedging orders will be counted as one order. The promotion is only for Mini, Standard and VIP account types, MAM not included.
    6. The promotion is not available for EA trades.
    7. The promotion is not available for CFD trades.
    8. Holding a position under 5 minutes does not apply to this promotion.
    9. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions of USG.
    10. Account holders who reach the prizing conditions should make an instant exchanging request to your own account manager. The exchanging request is only valid for within 20 workdays after Feb 23, 2021.
    11. All prize collection requests would be reviewed by USG.
    12. Each prize collection request will be checked after receiving the application from your account manager. The prize will be delivered by the Apple gift card based on the price of the product on Apple’s official website (User’s location). If the Apple gift card is not available in the designated area, the promotion prize will be delivered by withdrawable cash.
    13. There are 4 prize collecting opportunities for each account. Prizes at each level can only be exchanged once.
    14. USG reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotion.
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