USG offers real-time Spot Metals contracts. Spot metals have no expiry date. The position remains open until you choose to close it.

Spot Metals Information Table (Standard Contracts)

ContractOne Contract MeansTickValue of One Contract
(Per Tick Value)
Normal SpreadVIP SpreadECN Spread
Gold100 troy oz0.01USD1542
Silver1000 troy oz0.001USD1542

Notes to Tables

  • USG’s Spot Metals Contracts are a special form of CFD that allow you to speculate on changes in prices in the precious metals market. All contracts are settled in cash only.
  • All dealing spreads are subject to variation, especially in volatile market conditions.USG will not charge any additional commission unless you sign a commission contract with an agent.
  • Unless there is written agreement between the agent and client, USG will not charge any additional commission.
  • The size of a standard transaction is one contract. According to different types of trading account, the transaction might be part of the contract.
  • USG quotes spot metals for 24 hours a day, normally from 22.00 (GMT) on Sunday until 22:00 (GMT) on Friday.
  • For spot metals transactions, funding adjustments are calculated and posted to the client's account daily.

Funding adjustments are calculated as follows:
S = L*P*D*V

  • S= rollover amount
  • L= contract lot size
  • P= rollover rate (pips) of metal contact products
  • D= days of calculated rollover rates
  • V= the value of each pip for a metal contact product

A daily interest adjustment is calculated for any position that is opened before 23:00 (GMT) and that is still open after 23:00 (GMT).

Unless we notify you in writing, the interest rate applied will be +/- 2% above or below the Libor cash rate for standard contracts. USG reserves the right to amend the algorithms used for calculating rollover rates.

NOTE: For any position opened before 23:00 on Wednesday that is still open after 23:00 on Wednesday, the daily interest credit or debit will be made for three days as opposed to one day. This three-day adjustment covers settlement of trades over the weekend.

Investors can see trading rollover rates on the MT4 trading platform, as follows: Place your mouse anywhere within the MT4 market watch windowRight-click→Symbols→select the trading type of the overnight interest that you want to check→select properties to see the rollover rates for related commodities.

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